Fans of Greek Mythology Should be Getting Excited About Kaos

Despite having first been conceived thousands of years ago, the stories from Greek mythology are still prominent in the mainstream. They act as a regular source of inspiration for film, television, and game creators, and consumers can’t seem to get enough of these themes.

Netflix has a new series on the horizon that will most certainly appeal to fans of Greek mythology. Kaos is a dark comedy, which will feature humans having to deal with Greek gods that keep interfering with their lives.

Greek Mythology is Front and Center in the Mainstream

It’s amazing how enduring the tales of ancient Greece have been, and many of the themes from those classics are still prevalent in the mainstream. That’s why television creators keep turning to them for inspiration, as they know that many viewers want to see them.

No matter where you look in the entertainment industry, you’re bound to find content based on the gods of ancient Greece. One of the best recent offerings on television was Troy: Fall of a City, which was a loyal adaptation of Homer’s Iliad. In film, various titles including Clash of the Titans and Wonder Woman have drawn inspiration from Greek mythology.

Perhaps the best place to look for an abundance of ancient Greek-themed content is gaming. One of the best recent offerings on console is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from Ubisoft. The title took players on an adventure through ancient Greece and featured many of the classic monsters from mythology. The God of War series focused on Greek gods for many years, and the games attracted huge audiences.

On mobile, there are titles like Immortalis and Fury of the Gods, which provide different ways to experience the themes of the era. The casino online market also has plenty of options, with the Age of the Gods series among the most popular slot games. These include titles like Epic Troy, Maze Keeper, and Wheels of Olympus.

What is Kaos About?

With many people in search of Greek-themed content, Kaos has the potential to be an instant hit. The series will deal with people living in the modern age who are connected to a prophecy regarding the end of Zeus’s reign and a potential apocalypse. It comes from the mind of Charlie Covell, who has created other popular offerings for the platform such as The End of the F***ing World. This new series is likely to have a similar dark wit, along with plenty of serious themes.

Viewers will be particularly excited about the al-star cast for the upcoming show. Jeff Goldblum will play the almighty Zeus, while Janet McTeer and Cliff Curtis have been cast as Hera and Poseidon respectively. David Thewlis is Hades, and he’s likely to revel in that role after his recent turn as Ares in Wonder Woman. The series began filming in 2022 in Spain and is set for release in 2024.

With its star-studded cast and unique twist on the traditional Greek gods format, Kaos has the potential to be a massive hit for Netflix. It will doubtlessly attract viewers, as people are hungry for more ancient Greek-inspired content throughout the entertainment industry.